Assignment 1:

Conflicts of InterestConflicts of Interest
Did CBS refuse to run an anti-Bush ad during the Superbowl in return for Whitehouse support for higher media ownership caps?

Is there a lack of network news coverage about the dangers of nuclear power because the parent companies of NBC and CBS are major players in the nuclear industry?

Can journalistic integrity be maintained by ESPN in their coverage of the Barry Bonds steroid scandal when they are simultaneously paying millions of dollars to produce, promote, and air a reality show from Bonds' point of view?

Create a project that addresses conflicts of interest within corporate media. No wild speculation, though: all claims must be verifiable and based on real evidence.

  • Style:
    The style and genre you choose to work in is up to you: satire, argument, documentary, commentary, personal narrative, machinima. It's all good.
  • Length:
    60 seconds. No more, no less.
  • Media Format:
    Video and/or audio.
  • Due on:
    Monday, May 15, 2006
Please consult our guidelines for submission directions.

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