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Call For Submissions TenFour was launched in September of 2005 as an audio and video podcasting channel for student work that explored the cultural and political dimensions of digital media. In May of 2006, TenFour is making an evolutionary leap…

When once TenFour hosted the scholarly projects of a select group of authors, we now want to realize the potential of attracting provocative work from the online community at large. We seek to be a nerve center for short-form audio and video projects that are “scholarly” in the best sense of the word: thought-provoking, informative, creative, analytical, passionate, and inspiring.

TenFour will continually expand its archive of original content by regularly putting out calls for submissions in the form of assignment prompts. These prompts will be challenges to interrogate digital culture and the role that media plays in our society. TenFour aspires to empower our community to become media authors who can reach an audience and make a difference.

TenFour also wants to encourage user participation in shaping the direction of the site through an open-submission option. In addition to responding to assignment prompts, members of the community can always feel free to submit their own original projects. If these projects have the potential to engage and provoke, then they will become the featured examples for new assignment prompts.

Just as user-friendly sites like YouTube allow anyone to post content, TenFour will likewise accept submissions from any and all authors. However, TenFour will have two key mechanisms for organizing the content for those who desire a guided experience. The first mechanism is in the tradition of scholarly journals, where we will insure quality by a process of selection and editorial review. The second mechanism will be a democratic process where projects will ascend or descend a list of popular favorites based on viewer feedback. What this means is that members of the TenFour community can navigate the content by editorial advice, voter feedback, a combination of both, or through unguided exploration.

TenFour will be a resource for those looking for fresh and provocative work from a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

Here is your chance to get involved.
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Click here for guidelines on submitting media.

        – Andrew and Sam

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