Submission GuidelinesSubmission Guidelines
Please adhere to the following protocols for submitting projects to TenFour. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in your work not being added to TenFour. While the submission process involves more effort than, say, uploading a video to YouTube, we feel that our protocols will help maintain a higher standard of work.

How to Submit Media:

In recognition of the fact that not everyone has the same level of access to digital technology, TenFour offers a variety of methods for submitting media. Pick whichever one most fits your circumstances:
  • If you have access to online media hosting, send us the link to your media file. See our technical specifications below for more information on acceptable file types.
  • If your media files are under 20MB, you may email submissions to TenFour at
  • If you are unable to submit work electronically, you may send in a hard copy of your work on CD, DVD, MiniDV, or VHS. The mailing address is:
    • TenFour Submissions
      Institute For Multimedia Literacy
      School of Cinema-Television
      University of Southern California
      746 West Adams Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA.

Supporting materials:

All works must be accompanied by a brief written description (250 words, max.) that provides the necessary context for understanding the work.

All works must also include appropriate citations for any media from which they sample, remix, or quote. Citations may be either embedded within the media project itself (e.g. in the end credits) or listed in an attached text document (e.g. a Word file). Citations must include:
  • Author of original work
  • Title of original work
  • Date of release of original work
  • URL of original work (if applicable)
  • Creative Commons license information (if applicable)

Technical Specifications:

Below are the preferred technical specifications for TenFour video and audio projects. If these specs are all greek to you, don't worry: simply send your projects to us at best quality and we will take care of the rest.
  • Video Projects:
    320x240 pixels
    MPEG-4 h264 codec
    512kbps/video, 128kbps/audio (max.)
  • Audio Projects:
    MP3 codec
    128kbps (max.)

Intellectual Property Rights:

You retain rights to your media. You are free to do whatever you want with it, and TenFour will never make any claims of ownership over your work. By submitting your work to TenFour, you are granting permission for TenFour to distribute it through all of its various networks (the TenFour blog, the RSS feeds, etc.).

We strongly believe in the right to fair use. Please read and adhere to these guidelines on fair use that were issued by

We also strongly support the fostering of a digital commons, and encourage contributors to issue their original works under Creative Commons licenses.

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